Heartbreaking Message to EA

This is a message we received today in Elderly Advocates inbox. It gave chills, that a younger person in a nursing home is messaging us. I know we are all busy. I know this is something I never planned to get into. But no matter how hard it is, I can’t walk away. Can you? Below is message.

“you against nursing homes in Ohio? Text me back if you are ok.I live in Eagle pointe nursing home in Orwell it sucks!”

Here is his 2nd message to us....

"All kinds of issues short staff the aids on cell phones always i complain but nothing is done about it never. What if someone is hurting in there room there to busy on their phone. Not cool. Its about time someone started a site for this stuff long overdue.
I'm young I'm 42 but I see what's going on around me its messed up"

Paula MuellerComment