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A Grassroots Non-Profit Organization

Dedicated to Quality Long-Term Care in Ohio.

OUR MISSION is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for the elderly and all residing in long-term care through education, support & advocacy.

OUR VISION is to build a strong, citizen-based organization in Ohio that partners with other like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to quality care for those in long- term care. What originated with a few individuals, has grown into a strong advocacy organization that seeks to inspire the creation of more advocacy groups in other locations in our country. We seek to be a voice for the elderly in the challenges they are facing in long-term care and ensure that no-one is forgotten. Our vision is to help families feel encouraged and provide a community of supporters. We want families to be able to obtain information and have peer support. Our organization’s vision is to prevent facilities from neglecting their patients and equip family members and supporters with the resources and support needed to achieve our mission. We desire to see that those in long-term care facilities are treated with respect, maintain their dignity and receive the long-term care they deserve.

OUR MEMBERS are composed of family members and caretakers, citizens who sympathize with our cause, business professionals and community partners. We also have many families and caretakers who have lost loved ones and believe unacceptable care played a part in bad outcomes.  This is a place for them to help make needed changes happen and help others.

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