Would you like to: Support a great cause? Share your talent & energy to make a difference? Meet like minded people?

Elderly Advocates is actively recruiting help though our Volunteer Involvement Program. Whether you are a working adult, retiree, or student you are a VIP to us! What better way to give back to those who have given us so much than investing some time as a volunteer. Take a look at the opportunities below. Let us know where you would be a great fit by submitting a VIP application . We cant wait to hear from you!

Volunteer Opportunites



We currently have an opening for a treasurer on our Board. Many people think a treasurer just handles the money. However, a treasurer is the check aand balance of the organization who oversees the income and expenses of the organization. As we are a working board, our treasuer will also be trained to enter the numbers into our accounting system from the bank statments and receipts. The tresurer will overseet he handling of the organization’s funds. The treasurer will be an officer of the organization and attend monthly board meetings. For more information read here

Committee Member

Committees are the heart of the organization. Committees meet multiple times a year and work towards specific goals. Our committees include Fundraising, Budget/Finance Community Outreach , Legislative & Education Committee.

Volunteer Liaison

Our Volunteer liaisons work directly with families, caretakers, and the nursing homes. If you are considered a good mediator, this is for you!

Event Helper

Extra help is always needed at events. If you are interested in helping when you can, sign up to be contacted when events need volunteers, or look for announcements for ongoing opportunities.