Frequently Asked Questions


 Why do you have a membership fee?

The membership fee helps cover the expense of providing the EA website and to help with cost of EA membership benefits such as membership cards newsletter and towards services we provide to families. It also helps show how many advocates we have joining together that care about quality of life for the elderly and all others in long term care.


What is the difference between Full Membership and Limited Membership?

The difference is that full members will be eligible to vote on upcoming Board positions and any changes to the bylaws. Also, Full Members will have access to closed support chat group.

Can some Associate Members qualify for same benefits as full membership?

Possibly. When engaging an Associate Membership, a request can be made for full membership benefits if there is no conflict of interest and it is assured that the Associate is dedicated to the mission of Elderly Advocates. This will be decided on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors.

Who cannot be offered any membership level?

 Due to potential conflict of interest, owners, members of the governing board and administrators of long-term facilities are not eligible for membership


Will there be opportunities for long term care facilities to support our mission?

Yes, there will be advisory committees, partnerships and sponsorships available to long term care facilities who wish to join efforts to improve care for the elderly and all others in long term care.


Why should I donate to this effort?

Because Ohio has not had an active citizens-based group speak up for the elderly and provide support to the families in the difficult challenges that they suddenly are facing. It has been a long time coming.  In taking on such a huge task, funding is needed to be able to have the tools needed to make a difference. Everything takes funding to do, and this is one of the most important efforts that you can help buy tools for.


What tools does EA need?

We need many tools. We need durable equipment like printers. We need to have funds to become members of other organizations that will guide us and help us grow.  We need training classes for anyone that wants to actively advocate in our organization.  We need professionals retained for ongoing accounting and legal services. We need brochures, flyers, membership cards, resources printed for public forums, business cards and many things that will help us move forward with the right tools.

How do I know what my donation is used for?

Transparency is very important to EA. Our members will have access to our yearly reports to see exactly how donations were used.  We will also give periodic updates during the year on the funding we have received, and how it has helped the organization move forward.  We value that accountability is important to our donors.