Other Ways You Can Help

When you make a purchase here, a donation is made to Eldelry Advocates!

When you make a purchase here, a donation is made to Eldelry Advocates!


Be a voice for acceptable elderly care. Talk to others about the current issues the elderly is facing, let others know even though it doesn’t affect them now, this can touch anyone planning on getting older. Talk to your family and encourage them to care now before we face these challenges and it is too late to do something. Advocate every day that there are many in long term care that love activities, love good food, have feelings, need to know they are not alone and forgotten. We continue the search for caring people to help them thrive to the best of their ability. Help us build the village of people that find helping the elderly in long term care a worthy cause just as important as other causes.

Lend Your Talents

Especially in our early stages of organizing, we appreciate any help from professionals in our community that shine in areas that are critical to our growth. Some areas we seek some volunteer hours from are an Accountant, Non-Profit Attorney, a person experienced with Websites to help us with upkeep of our site, people to design our flyers, brochures. Until we receive any lending hands we spend many hours struggling to do ourselves or research learning how to do what is needed, or finding the funding to pay a professional.  We greatly appreciate anyone offering their talents to help further this important cause.

In-Kind Donations

We welcome donated items.  We can put to use almost anything! Whether it be office equipment, office supplies, promotional items with EA name on it, printing services, food and beverages for an event, baked items for our public forums, a hall to use for an event, banners, posters. Also, we have our eye out for a permanent home for Elderly Advocates. It will help to have a consistent place for the Board to meet regularly, a place we can train advocates to directly help the elderly. A place to keep our office equipment and file cabinets. We welcome hearing any options available while we seek funding to lease an office space. You donate it, we will use gratefully. Together, we can do a lot!