The Issues

Current Care for our loved ones is NOT the care they deserve. It is Clear there are numerous reasons for this; however, poor care for any reason is something we can not ignore. It is Completely Unacceptable.

Critical Issues that are commonly found relating to the Elderly in long-term care:

  • Staffing ratios, neglect & abuse

  • Poor or insufficient documentation of Resident care

  • Lack of communication between POA’s, legal guardians, care-giving staff & facility admins

  • Residents often fear retaliation when they try to speak up about abuse or neglect

  • Unnecessary medication errors, Lack of staff training

  • Poor wound care

  • Lack of education on Hospice care and or Palliative care

  • Lack of education on other resources available to Residents and their families,

  • Residents are interviewed regarding complaints without the Responsible Party being present

Unacceptable care is just one piece of the pie. Healthcare providers and facilities are not easy to communicate with for many families.  Many times, they “just miss” the doctor or other provider.  Direct care staff, nurses, or facility admins often give only limited information, and sometimes don’t even pass along information to those that they SHOULD be providing information to.

No one must do this alone anymore. We are all in this together for our loved ones and for each other as we will all face this reality if we do not do all we can to change it now.

Many times, this lack in communication results in:

  • Unknown incidents, injuries & illnesses

  • Patients wishes not being followed

  • Unknown care plan changes

  • Caretakers left out of care decisions

  • Bad outcomes, including death

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