Our Programs

Elderly Advocates is dedicated to empowering the families with direct support and helpful information, connecting them to useful resources, and improving communication between long term care facilities, the residents, and their families through Resident and Family Councils.  We also strive to provide reviews and recommendations on long term care facilities that may not be perfect but are dedicated in improving care.  We meet with policymakers to educate them on what is needed to  assist the elderly and families  achieve an acceptable level of care. This is our begninning in helping and we strive to add more programs and servcies in the future as we grow.


Direct Support and Information

We currently help families navigate through the complicated system of healthcare. Many familes contact us for information on insurance coverge, hospice, how to file a complaint and where, how their loved ones health care is managed in a long term care facility, what rights their loved ones have in facility, what rights they have as a POA or responsible party and many more issues. Our website gives many links for resources and information as well as news and updates, and much more. Our Facebook page has been a place where followers can interact with other followers in comment sections, weigh in on posts, find helpful information, and even get an occasional chuckle out of funny or relateable meme to break up the stress in their lives.

Coming Soon: Closed Facebook Chat groups for those who become registered members which will be offered in the near future.


Family & Resident Council Assistance

Family Councils have been scarce and many do not understand what they are. They are an important function that is needed in all long term care facilities. They run much like a PTA in a school. They are crucial to communication between the facilites and the familes. They meet once a month at the facility or a council can choose to meet off site. The councils are composed of families that have a loved one at the facility. The facility does not have staff attend, only if invited by the council to address an issue with all the families. These councils appoint one person to be the spokesperson to address with the designated staff member of the facility any concerns or issues the families have. It is with hope, that solutions will be found. These councils can agree to check in on each others family when they visit. They can also hold bake sales and other fundraisers for special events for the residents, or help struggling residents with haircuts or items they lack. They can work with the facility to find volunteers to help where needed or visit those that have no family. This can greatly reduce complaints to the Ohio Dept. Of Health by the facility and council working together to find solutions to issues. It is our hope that issue are addressed between the families and facilities opposed to complaints needing to be filed with the state. Resident Councils work much the same. It can be a win win for all.

Do you need assistance setting up a family or resident council? Elderly Advocates dedicated volunteers are available to help you get organized & provide ongoing support. Learn more about family councils here.

For more information on this service please use the contact us form for help.



We advocate for our local and state governments to play a more active role in enforcing & creating state and federal regulations, such as adhering to residents rights and encouraging laws that allow cameras in resident rooms that are needed to ensure quality care for our loved ones.


Help from Our Community Advocates

We have been fortunate to partner with Community Advocate Members that will assist in getting helpful information out to our members. They advance our mission by providing helpful educational videos on our Facebook Page and website on challanges families face. They also educate on ways to help you protect your loved ones residing or in the process of engaging long term care. They will provide helpful articles in our quarterly newsletter in our Community Advocate Corner. This goes over and beyond the finacial support they provide to help our organization to continue moving forward.

Our Community Advocate Members are made up of local businesses and & Community Organizations that are dedicated to quality long-term care. Get to know them here.


Nursing Home Vetting

Elderly Advocates will only recommend quality care facilities. We call these nursing homes “Friends of Elderly Advocates” . We ensure our friends meet specific standards of care and are willing to improve care where it is needed. No facility is perfect as we don’t live in a perfect world however, willingness and dedication to improve care is also important to us and something we value.

Our advocates are working on our inital list to have available by fall 2019

Interested in becoming a Friend of Elderly Advocates? Contact us to learn more.