Get to know Community Partner William Eadie

William Eadie and his partner Michael Hill Of EadieHill Trial Lawyers have been supportive of Elderly Advocates mission in improving the quality of life for the elderly and all residing in long term care from the early stages of forming this organization. What stood out about William Eadie was his true compassion for those that have suffered from abuse, neglect and unsafe care and the families that have suffered as well.. His compassion shines from the educational videos he provides to help the families. Most of his firms correspondence has “Stop Nursing Home Abuse” in the footer. He will not take a settlement that includes a confidentiality clause as he feels it is public information and will not hide it. And, his first thought in talking to a client that is distraught over a loved one’s death is to make them promise within 30 days they will get counseling as he did with Paula, the founder of this organization. The counseling is what brought her to realize there was something that could be done by starting this effort. William is happy to offer his clients he cannot help with another option, by telling them about Elderly Advocates and letting them know there is another way “to do something that can make a difference.” We are grateful to have William Eadie and his partner Michael Hill along with our new addition, Erika Apelis a part of our team in helping the elderly. Listed below is a short bio from William to get to know him better…..

“I am a trial lawyer who helps families hurt by caregiver carelessness–such as nursing homes and hospitals–and hold the wrongdoers accountable.  Some people–even some trial lawyers–think people in nursing homes don’t matter, and their lives are not worth much.  I know better.  When a nursing home breaks its promise to provide good care to someone’s mother, father, sister, or brother, and refuses to take responsibility, I’m proud to help the family hold them accountable.

My greatest joy in this work is not just getting answers and results for those families, but helping them make sure it does not happen to someone else next time.

I understand how the business of medicine can harm people, when corporations put their own profits ahead of providing quality care.  Along with my law degree, I earned a business degree (MBA) from the Weatherhead School at Case.

Besides obtaining multi-million dollar nursing home verdicts, I can help defend those results if there is an appeal.  I’ve argued cases before the Eighth and Ninth Ohio Appellate District Courts, as well as the Ohio Supreme Court.

I am an Ohio native raising three daughters with my wife, Christine, in the Gordon Square neighborhood.  I volunteer in Cleveland Public Schools, working with high-schoolers to learn about our Rights, Responsibilities, and Realities under the U.S. Constitution as part of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 3Rs program.  I also serve on the CMBA’s 3Rs steering committee.”

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