Who are These Nurses Lazily Playing Cards at Work?!


Have you heard about the state senator who said nurses are probably getting plenty of breaks, playing cards a lot for the day?

If you haven’t, check out the link in the comments below to an article highlighting some of the great reactions she’s getting to that inane comment.

But what about in nursing homes? 

Where I hear stories all the time from clients who couldn’t get a nurse or aide to respond to a call light for 30 minutes? 

Whose loved ones weren’t taken to the bathroom, just left in their filth even though they could use the toilet? 

Where their loved ones weren’t repositioned so they developed large open wounds . . . that the facility then let get infected by not keeping them clean?

That type of care literally kills. 

You might be surprised to learn--if you don’t know our firm that well--that we almost never blame the nurses and aides. 

I explain why in the video.

What do you think?