Our Leaders

Paula Mueller, Founder & President

Paula lives in Parma, Ohio.  Her roots are from Johnstown, Pennsylvania where most of her family originates from.  She has been married to Phillip for 40 years. She has four adult children:  Mike, Amy, Jennifer and Katie and five grandchildren: Owen, Jake, Brycen, Ben, and Emaleigh. She obtained a Medical Billing Specialist and Unit Health Coordinator Certificate through Healthcare classes taken at Cuyahoga Community College.  She has volunteered in the past for several community organizations, including being a Candy Striper at Fairview Hosptial when she was 13, to currently assisting and helping elderly in ways she is able in her immediate community.  Her main profession over the years has been in Customer Service. If a customer had a complaint, she always saw it as an opportunity to help. 

In taking care of her uncle for 5 years before he passed, She saw the hardships her uncle and others had in obtaining acceptable care.  Her uncle did not pass away peacefully as there were ongoing struggles with the health care providers in care and communication to the her and the family.  Even though her uncle is gone, she is dedicated to helping the elderly and their families. Her vision in starting this effort was that the elderly will get quality care and the families will be able to have more focus on quality time with their loved ones.

Vicki Krathefer, Vice President

Vicki lives in Columbus, Ohio and has 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  Vicki has in the past been a Medical Claims Examiner at Buckeye Union Insurance and Medical Billing Specialist for Medicaid and Medicare at Nationwide Insurance from 1972 to 1992. Her past experience includes being a carmellete at St Rita’s Nursing Home as well as being employed in Home Health Care through American Nursing Care. Vicki took care of her mother and sister prior to them going into nursing homes. Vicki has an abundance of compassion for the elderly and shows much dedication to help this organization make a difference for all in long term care. One of Vicki’s fondest memories was of a nurse at American Nursing Care named Cheryl, who was a great inspiration in teaching her about caring for others . Vicki is happy to be among others in this organization that truly want the change desperately needed in long term care now and in the future. She is dedicated to using the knowledge and experience she has to help others as a nurse once had helped her learn so much.

Chrissy King, Secretary

Chrissy became involved in Elderly Advocates in pursuit of living her motto, "Live each day with purpose and gratitude." Her career path has taken her from job coaching individuals with developmental disabilities to patient care/marketing in the hearing health care industry. She has been involved for over 10 years working with the Senior population, in helping to bring them opportunities to obtain better hearing. During this time, she has seen the wide diversity in health care settings Seniors are living in. Chrissy sees Elderly Advocates as a way she can use her voice to help all Seniors obtain the care and respect they deserve.

Chrissy lives in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Ohio University, studying Sociology/Criminology. In her spare time she is involved in her sorority Phi Beta Psi, Iota Xi chapter, helping to raise money for cancer research. She enjoys hiking, fishing, and cooking huge Southern meals for her family.

Jennifer McAtee, Treasurer

Jennifer currently lives in Parma with her husband of 8 years.  She has lived in Parma for 2 years.  She is actively involved in Grace Church located in Middleburg Heights where she attends services regularly.  In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys paper quilling, singing, writing, and various other crafts.

Jennifer’s professional experiences include working in health care, marketing, and recruiting.  She worked in Michigan for an Assisted Living community as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 5 years.  After leaving Michigan, she began working in Marketing, and is currently working full time as an Assistant Recruiter for an employment agency.  Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree of Science in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources.  She wishes to continue her education and complete a master’s in business administration within the next few years.

Jennifer became involved in Elderly Advocates because she has a passion for serving the elderly and their families.  Through her experiences, she has seen many areas in which the quality of care that is received by the elderly is lacking.  Things could be better, and Jennifer wants to see that happen.  Jennifer knows that quality of life is more than simply physical needs being met.  There needs to be a positive change in the care that the elderly receives, and Jennifer wants to be involved in that change.  She thought that being involved in Elderly Advocates would be a perfect opportunity to contribute to her passion.  She is excited to be on a great team of like-minded individuals who share the same passion she does.  She looks forward to everything that Elderly Advocates is working towards doing within their community.

Jennifer is most excited to see Elderly Advocates implement programs, services, and or resources for the following areas:  staffing ratios, family and or resident councils, a companionship program for those who do not have many visitors.  She would also like to see Elderly Advocates implement something special for Christmas or other holidays.