Myth...I'm Not Older, This Effort Doesn't Effect Me


Myth...I'm not older, this effort doesn't affect me.

Truth...anyone can end up in rehab or long term care without being older, it can be an injury...however we get there, the care is all the same...and worse if your there due to aging, you lose your voice.. We don't have to accept this, we work hard to speak up about these situations!

Here is recent email:

"Hey I wanted to let you know about a bad skilled nursing facility/nursing home here in Chardon, Ohio. It’s called Heather Hill. I’m 54. My Friend is 55. His name is (taken out) He’s had a lot of issues w/his spine. It’s mostly fused. He just fell down 14 stairs. Broken nose, broken wrist, 8 broken ribs and so forth. 
After a week in the hospital he was to go to SNF for his recovery as above referenced. His wife, also a close friend had him there @ 1 week - they did no rehabilitation, didn’t feed him properly, didn’t wash him, refused his wife items needed to clean him or brush his teeth and stole some of his pain medications - pills were missing and he was not given his pain meds! I need your help. I’ve already told her to contact CMS & the sheriff. Can you give me a contact link so I can get you directly in touch w/her."

Paula Mueller